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It is common knowledge that accommodation in Ukraine is considerable cheaper than other European states; and while the prices for different forms of accommodation may vary according to one’s priorities, it is ultimately up to you to make a choice regarding what will make you comfortable. This is especially difficult for you as a new student because:

  •   You are probably unfamiliar with the transportation routes within the city.
  •   You are yet to decide if you would prefer to stay on the schools’ campus grounds.
  •   You do not have a general feel for the pricing structure of the housing industry in the community where you are.


With Globe Educational Group, this challenge is effectively dealt with as our agents are always on ground to take away from you the labours of having to comb the city for a good deal. Our accommodation office is always armed with the most up-to-date information to help you find the best and most affordable places where international students can live and study comfortably.

In order to make it the best place for our students to be, we make sure there the basic amenities for optimal living are always present in the modern housing options we offer them. Some of the advantages you can expect are:

  •   A self-contained community that includes high-end cafeteria services, bars and common rooms.
  •   Access to sporting equipment such as gyms and the opportunity to be part of a sports team eg Rugby, Squash and Soccer.
  •   Constant power supply and internet service.
  •   Better access to the Metro System and other means of transport.
  •   Overall safety and security.


Generally, there are four categories of accommodation you can choose from:

Hostels are the most affordable options for students, especially is you seek a completely independent and international experience. Prices very depending of the types of room options (Shared or single; With or without private bathrooms; with or without kitchens). We generally recommend that new students live in hostels because it affords them the opportunity to meet and interact with other new students.

This involves staying with a local family. Obviously, it is not as independent, but it is suitable for someone who wants to learn a local language or cultural lifestyle. As with the Hostel option, it is totally up to you and your preferences.

 Most schools offer residency which may or may not include meals or laundry room services. They are mostly located around the schools’ vicinity and offers a more independent than a homestay. One must, however, adhere to the individual rules of the residence if he/she chooses to live here. It is a great experience, all round.

Of the above mentioned, these are the most expensive options. They offer the highest level of comfort and luxury. They are offered in varying options ranging from shared/not shared, furnished/not furnished, single room or more. They usually include means and a laundry room among other amenities. It is recommended if it is within your budget.

Our goal, at Globe Educational Group, is to ensure that you are never uninformed about where you are at any stage of your study journey. Our agent and consultants are always within reach of contact for support and guidance.

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