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Admission Procurement & counselling

The decision to study abroad is indeed a wise decision to make. However, during the early stages of making inquiries regarding your study options abroad, it is only natural that the daunting nature of this task results in initial confusion as you try to make sense of the entire process, especially if you have never had to travel overseas before. At Globe Educational Group, we are familiar with this challenge and have spared no expense in providing adequate resources to aid you in making the best decision.

 We have, therefore, put together a highly-talented team of professional advisors in all our offices located in major cities around the world to guide you along each stage of your study abroad journey.

We Are Easy To Reach


We can render needed help online by interacting with our clients over chat or online calls via major platforms in use globally. Our clients, as well as, prospective international students can reach us by Email, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram as well as conventional social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Alternatively, if you wish to have an even more detailed discussion about your education, you can opt to walk into any of our offices and connect with an assigned counsellor who will attend to you.

The scope of our counselling services covers the following: 

Over the years, we have partnered with several reputable international educational institutions (Universities and Colleges), so we take pride in providing prospective students with a range of options from which they can choose. We go the extra mile to help you find the optimal placement that is both best suited to your budget and aligned with your academic interests. As a bonus, the reputations of the carefully-selected institutions that we work with allows us to guarantee that any credential you come out with will be valued and recognized internationally. 

There are a few things which make a crucial difference on your acceptance, or denial thereof. Documents such as your letter of recommendation/reference, resume and your statement of intent or study plan are all very important documents which required a touch of experience. For this reason, we have savvy consultants who is there to give detailed advice on how to structure these documents, how to tailor your resume (and even including what part of your past experiences you should emphasize). There is a thorough final review that will still be made in order to give your application the best chance of standing out.

If the need arises, you will be provided, by our consultants, with information regarding assessments like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, including the registration procedure and general preparation. Our offices are well equipped with the latest information and our clients can use our resources at no charge whatsoever.

 We leave nothing to chance, shortly before the scheduled trip is to take place. Globe Educational Group conducts mandatory orientation sessions where the students are provided with candid information on how to best prepare for life abroad. They are instructed on everything regarding traveling, living, studying and working abroad. The goal of this exercise is to prevent common possible errors that could be made during and after the journey. Some of the issues that are addressed include:


o   Making arrangements for accommodation.

o   Ensuring that one’s visa conditions are continually met.

o   What items to pack and what to expect from the climate to which you are headed.

o   Adapting, as quickly as possible, to a society that culturally and academically different environment.

o   Purchasing health health-care insurance.

Drawing on our credible and knowledgeable education consultants who are constantly informed about various available scholarship provisions and awards at various educational institutions abroad, we are able to give you up-to-date advice regarding any available scholarship/award at your chosen educational institution. We will also help our students in the application process if they indicate an interest.

Our goal, at Globe Educational Group, is to ensure that you are never uninformed about where you are at any stage of your study journey. Our agent and consultants are always within reach of contact for support and guidance.

Admissions Is Currently in Progress

 For The 2019 / 2020 Academic Session For Top Rated Academic Programmes.

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