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Globe Educational Group offers an all-round study abroad experience. This means we will not only help you obtain admission into the university; we also make proper arrangement for our students to arrive Ukraine safe and sound. We understand the challenges involved in organizing and successfully coordinating everything from flight to settling-in and we have made all the necessary provision to take all that stress of you. To this end, the services we provide our clients with include:

  • Obtaining the most competitive flight and ticketing support
  • Pick-up and drop-off services from the airport
  • Hotel/accommodation reservation and booking


It is important to note that in order to prevent any delays and to facilitate maximum coordination from both ends, the student must inform Globe Educational Group, SEVEN days in advance, of his/her flight details (flight number, date and time of arrival, city of arrival and name of airport). This information may be passed across via Email.


Here are some other important things to take note of:


  • At the airport, one of GEG’s representatives will be there to welcome the arriving student at any airport in the study destination. This agent will be easily identified as holding up our official name card bearing the company name as well as the students’ name.


  • We will also take care of smooth clearance of your immigration as well as overseeing your transport to your destination city or to the University grounds, depending on prior arrangements.
  • Your security is guaranteed as our staff is required to show his Globe Educational Group official ID card. You must ensure that you have confirmed this before going along with anyone out of the airport.


  • The student will NOT be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine / The Philippines if a representative of Globe Educational Group is not present at the airport with the power of attorney from the University. This is in compliance with the official Rules and Regulations of Immigration Department.


  • To further ensure your maximum security, you should be aware that the airport authorities in Ukraine and The Philippines will not permit our students entrance into the country’s territory without being accompanied by one of GEG’s representatives.


  • Be doubly sure you have all required documents before leaving your country as entry into Ukraine or The Philippines will be denied if you’re missing any important document.


For Further advice and/or assistance on visa and studying in Ukraine/The Philippines, do not hesitate to contact our offices either by mail, chat or phone call.

Globe Educational Group wishes you a safe flight and the very best in your academic pursuits.

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