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For everything you need to know about studying in Ukraine or The Philippines, kindly send an email addressed to . Alternatively, you could proceed to fill our online application form. Our agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, we will always be by your side throughout the period of your studies and will offer any needed assistance and guidance as your academic journey progresses. An example of our commitment to this is reflected in the pre-departure orientation program we organize to arm our students who are about to travel with tips and guides regarding how to best navigate the new environment to which they will shortly be exposed to.

No, all consultation with us is entirely free. But the only financial cost will be about your study invitation letter and also the courier charges

Provided Globe Educational Group gets your full cooperation as a student; in that we promptly receive all necessary requirements from our student, We guarantee a maximum of 2 weeks within which time you will we would have made sure your application process is underway and that the documents you would need in your home country are promptly sent to you.

Generally, the requirements vary depending on the particular program in view; However, most universities will usually request for the following: Personal bio ( such as passport photographs and your Birth certificate) and relevant academic information ( such as your high school results and transcript ). Also required is a valid International passport, your application itself as well as its processing fee.

No, International students do not need to qualify in any English test like IELTS or TOEFL in order to gain admission into Ukrainian Universities or The Philippines Universities


You will need your international passport with your visa attached. You will also require all the necessary documents for your study program as well as your tuition fees.

In order to receive a visa, you must visit a country which has an Embassy of Ukraine OR The Embassy of the Philippines and apply from there. Alternatively, you could take advantage of GEG’s years of expertise in this area and allow us to aid you in this.

No, if you are coming to study in a Ukrainian university or the Philippines University, you must come on a student visa. This requires an invitation letter from your desired institution first.

 For an extended stay abroad such as what a full course of study abroad entails, you will need a local bank account as well as a Debit card, all of which would definitely make financial transactions much easier. With a local bank account you may be able to receive international wire transfers from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, money agencies such as Western Union, Money Gram, RIA, amongst others may be used, depending on which you find more convenient.

 No, the invitation letter is a document issued to you alone. However, you may apply to the university for a personal invitation letter for your parents, guardians or relatives. Or they can apply for tourist or business visa to accompany you. 

The processing of the visa application typically takes around ten to fourteen working days. It is not uncommon, however, for this to be prolonged up to 4 business weeks.

The invitation letter is valid up to 6 months. This information is mentioned in the invitation letter.


Please visit our website . We have a comprehensive list of Higher Education Institutions and Universities in Ukraine and the Philippines; here you can make your initial choice. We, however, have a team of counsellors who can work with you, determine your strengths and connect you with the best fit for you.

When you fill the application form at our website, you will receive a letter with instructions. Our experts are always on call if you need to make further inquiry if you wish to get more information about the admission process.

Globe Educational Group has not left out the physically challenged. With the growing number of students with disabilities who wish to study abroad, the institutions and universities who have outfitted facilities to provide assistance is also on the increase; and we are here to save you the hassle of finding such schools as we have already done that for you. Our team of medical experts will fully assess your needs in order to determine the best place for you to be.

There are numerous study options administered by many of the institutions of advanced learning through Globe Educational Group in Ukraine and in The Philippines. You are sure to find your discipline from the many programs offered within Sciences, The Arts, Business Administration, Humanities, Foreign Relations and many more.

Yes, you can study in both Ukraine and the Philippines without speaking a foreign Language. This is because the major language of instruction in the institutions is English. Even better, English is also spoken as a means of communication. You will not have too much of a challenge getting around.

 It is very important for International students to be friendly and active in making friends. One way to go about this is by fully participating in seminars, symposiums, orientations and other academic events. There many opportunities attributed to making friends abroad.

There is no one specific time in which to study abroad; It all depends on individual needs, plans and decisions. There are now many institutions that now run year-long programs. In addition, some schools also make provision for make-up classes for the late entry in order for them to catch up with the curriculum. However, our recommendation is that it is best to join up during the month of September.

Although the basic cost of tuition in Ukraine and the Philippines has remained relatively affordable, the overall costs associated with studying abroad vary greatly. Some determining factors that affect the cost of studying abroad for an international student include the nature of the program itself, the duration of program and kind of lifestyle a student might opt for.

GEG will help you in studying abroad at less cost effective for your programs in the universities. But others depends on you.


Yes, there are things which students are not allowed to do for the duration of their stay abroad. Some of these include drug abuse, violence of any sort and crimes of fraudulence. Overall, it is always wise to be a decent person and respect the livelihood of your host country anywhere you find yourself.

There are good medical insurance firms which takes very good care of your health and safety. One of the first things we make sure our students undertake while going through the application process is setting up a solid medical insurance policy.

 Good, we prefer that our students live in the school hostel or dorm. It is well equipped with all the needed facilities- Security, 24 Hours electricity, well ventilated and equipped rooms, water, library, and rules & regulations which helps you study better and are free of potential distractions. In addition, you will be in close proximity to other international students; thus, having the opportunity to interact with different ideas at all times.

Yes, you can use any and every form of financial aid which you have been awarded to meet your financial needs while studying abroad - scholarships included. The financial department of the institution should be made aware of this however, as well as the full details of any such financial scheme.

Ukraine and The Philippines are very safe and secure countries! Whether you live in a hostel, walking along the streets, travelling within the country you need not have any worries about something bad happening to you. If you have problems and need help, you will always find people who try to fix your problems or tell you where you should go and how to get somewhere. Besides, Globe Educational Group is just a phone call away. The Campuses, hostels and Universities are equipped with top-of-the-line security systems. The Universities’ Security Centers provide 24-hour security cover for the Universities’ campuses and halls of residence. Surveillance and CCTV camera systems operate through the Universities’ campuses and many private residences. The security detail Globe Educational Group works in close liaison with the police in order to get help to you in the fastest possible time in the event of any incidents or security threats. We are committed to keeping our students safe at all times.

Yes, Globe Educational Group will assist your relatives with official invitation letters as well as make the necessary travel arrangements to facilitate a smooth process. We value family bonds as well. Our representative in either Ukraine or The Philippines will organize accommodation, as well as  the time of the visit.


Yes, studying abroad will help you get a job, as there are many established corporations and firms in Ukraine and in The Philippines. A good command of English as well as overall energy will greatly improve your chances of getting a good job.

 Applying to multiple study abroad programs often translates to paying multiple application and processing fees. In our opinion this is not necessary. It might turn out to be overly time-consuming, and confusing.

Better use, the trusted one or the one you feel comfortable with

Universities do not offer scholarships. However, you should note that the cost of education is quite affordable for anyone to get in.

Studying can be conducted both in English or Ukrainian/Philippine languages, this is entirely dependent on the students’ personal choice. If your choice of instructional language is English then you may begin your studies directly the first year. For students who wish to get an education via the local instructional language it is necessary to go through the preparatory department to learn Ukrainian or Filipino languages, as the case may be.

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Our Clients Trust Us To Advise, Execute and Guarantee their Educational Pursuits

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