Legal Aid And Medical Services


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Legal Aid And Medical Services

Legal Aid

Globe Educational Group does not just stop at helping students gain admission into the University of their dreams, we will we stick with you – in a manner that is not invasive – throughout your stay abroad. We go the extra mile to ensure that our students stay safe and function effectively while they study. 

We understand that there is a good chance that things might not go according to plan as a result of the ways of life and cultural practices which international students might be used to in their home countries and how some of this is bound to clash with the host country within which they are studying. 

To this end, therefore, with the unmatched support of our in-house attorneys, GEG will be there to represent you in the event of any legal issues, unintentional conflict of interest with law-enforcement or the institution of study, challenges with racism and discrimination, sexual assault or harassment and much more. 

In such cases, an expert representative from our legal department will always be available to sit-and-chat with a student who may be involved, directly or indirectly, with the case in question. We will be there whether our student is the unintentional perpetrator or victim.

Medical Services

One other thing which we take very seriously is your health. This is why we make sure that you have settled everything pertaining to your Medical insurance as soon as possible. Our in-house risk management team and insurance coordinators work in tandem with various institutions and can assist in developing guidelines and policies for our students’ insurance. It is very likely that the domestic health insurance plans which may have covered you in your home country do not cover international travel; and it is for this reason we require prospective students to obtain international student health insurance even before departure.


The need for medical attention might come when you least expect it to; and even more so now that you will now be abroad and likely engaging in unfamiliar activities, foods and even adjusting to a different time zone. All of these could easily increase one’s susceptibility to injury or illness. In the event of such, you would be thankful if you had set up a prior medical insurance plan.


At Globe Educational Group, we guide you in the selection of the best and most fitting medical insurance package tailored to suit your needs. The plans we will present to you will be budget-friendly and fully transparent. We will help clarify everything you need to know about the description of your coverage and draw your attention to the benefits and exclusions.

Physically Challenged

Globe Educational Group has not left out the physically challenged. With the growing number of students with disabilities who wish to study abroad, the institutions and universities who have outfitted facilities to provide assistance is also on the increase.


Globe educational Group is there to save you the hassle of finding such schools as we have already done that for you. Our team of medical experts will fully assess your needs in order to determine the best place for you to be in. We do this by conducting a thorough research encompassing your parents or guardians as well as the assistance program of the desired institution.


In addition, we take into consideration your overall daily tasks such as housing, grocery-shopping, and getting around town. Our representatives will help facilitate a smooth transition from life in your home country.

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